March 13, 2023

Offshore wind lease heightens the need to learn more about Atlantic bluefin tuna.

BOEM Announces Determination of No Competitive Interest for Gulf of Maine Research Lease Application.



Recently, BOEM announced that another hurdle had been overcome in the march towards offshore wind in the Gulf of Maine—as the Maine Research Array moved one step closer to becoming reality. Unfortunately, it has also made clear that it is moving ahead with the more formal leasing process, ensuring that any information that comes in via the Research Array is likely coming in too late to inform future commercial development.


As a rule, we feel strongly that siting of offshore wind must be informed by solid research anywhere it is being proposed. Thus far, there has not been any meaningful research on how offshore wind will impact Atlantic bluefin tuna and its overall habitat. It is hoped that the various levels of government involved in developing offshore wind will take time and get things right.


If you would like to learn more about the development of offshore wind in the Gulf of Maine (any elsewhere), click here:

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