March 13, 2023

A closer look at reproductive status is needed.

Comparative Assessment of the Reproductive Status of Female Atlantic Bluefin tuna from the Gulf of Mexico and the Mediterranean Sea



When assessing Atlantic bluefin tuna, understanding the reproductive potential of the stock is of the utmost importance. You need to know the details now to predict what is coming later. For many years, ICCAT has managed bluefin under the assumption that there are two separate maturity schedules for fish in the east and fish in the west. More specifically it has been said that fish mature later in the west than in the east, and that the east is therefore more productive.

In this paper, researchers used histological and stereological analyses to improve the understanding of Atlantic bluefin tuna spawning behavior. In other words, they looked at the microscopic level. By focusing on both sides of the ocean, the authors were able to make conclusions about the current assumptions about maturity.

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